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August 6, 2012 / Keyhole Software

Montage: A New Kid On The HTML5 Framework Block

As the web continues to grow and the world continues to shrink, the demand for mobile applications abounds. But it’s not only mobile in the sense of smart phones and tablets, but mobile in the sense that a person can be anywhere, and on any device, and on any network, while having access to the applications that they need to be successful.

To meet this demand, there have been many frameworks created to help developers streamline and simplify HTML5 + Javascript development. My team created khsSherpa (an open source framework for HTML5 support) and has written extensive educational material on rich Javascript/HTML5-based mobile applications. But in this blog, I want to highlight a new kid on the HTML5 framework block: Montage. Built by the folks over at our business partner, Motorola Mobility (Google), Montage provides the developer with a simplified framework to build rich HTML5-based applications.

I could spend a lot of words on examples to explain how they have implemented the features of Montage, but the Motorola Mobility team has already explained better than I can. So, I’ve highlighted some of the features that I find most useful and linked to each respective explanation. They are below, please click the links for more detail on each point:

Data Binding

Components and HTML Templates


Event Management

One of the things that impresses me with Montage is that they have used it to build their own applications. (Including an HTML5 authoring tool: Ninja, and a tool for testing Montage applications: Screening.) Motorola Mobility also has an application named Kitchen Sink to show all of the Montage components, as well as the application MFiddle to play with the components and see how they work.

With the high caliber team and the supporting tools around Montage, it has set itself up to be a very popular framework for HTML5 development. Montage is definitely worth a look.

— Josh McKinzie,


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